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Suicidal Balloon

Suicidal Balloon

Have a blast with the internationally acclaimed and award winning animated series.

The internationally acclaimed 5-part animated series about a severely disturbed balloon that derives pleasure by popping itself to wreak havoc upon unsuspecting victims. Produced by Liquid Amber Design and directed by Randall Lynton.

The series has screened all over the world, most notably on ABC TV Australia and as official selection at the Annecy and Stuttgart international animation festivals. The website also won a prestigious WebAwards for best entertainment website.

Visit the IMDB page and official website for balloon popping mayhem.


Episode #1

A funeral precession goes awry when Suicidal Balloon decides to pay his respect.

Episode #2

A social gathering of pompous high society ladies and gents beacons the need for a major disturbance to put an end to their ongoing waffle. Enter Suicidal Balloon.

Episode #3

A joyous day at school comes to a teary end when Suicidal Balloon ventures into a children’s petting zoo.

Episode #4

A poacher chose the wrong day to take a crack shot at a lion when Suicidal Balloon decides to pass through the African savannah.

Episode #5

Marooned on a deserted island, an unlucky castaway discovers a shiny object washed upon the shore.


Storyboard to animation comparison.

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