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created for Randall Lynton Studios

It ain't final 'til it's vinyl!

This amazing, eclectic rock album resurfaced 40 years after it was first recorded in a small studio in the middle of an orange grove in rural Ojai, California. Unreleased since 1969, it had existed only in demo format on a few hand pressed vinyl discs. The album was finally released in 2008.

Randall Lynton Studios handcrafted a unique 60's style illustration true to the original vision of Prufrock. The lone little idaho floating through space represents the head space and literal surroundings of the musicians who created the musical masterpiece.

The band would drive for miles in a cramped little car, with a drum kit on the roof, to a rural ranch for the chance to lay down some tracks. The music and lyrics were heavily influenced by the Vietnam war and 1960's era of social and political upheaval.

Final Artwork for the LP sleeve
img. 1
Initial Sketch
img. 2
Colour test
img. 3
Colour with finer detail
img. 4
Final illustration with computer generated space background.
img. 5

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