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created for Marketforce

You don't have to leave civilization to find land.

Randall Lynton Studios was commissioned by Marketforce Marketing Communication to create models and sets for a three-part advertising campaign to promote Landcorp's Noalimba property development. The campaign was published in the West Australian newspaper.

The models were constructed from various materials. The camel and huskies were sculpted from plastacine while the wagon and sled were made from balsa wood. We also hand-sewed a miniature hoodie and pants for the eskimo.

The sets themselves were made from a wide range of materials such as styrofoam, your ordinary every-day door mat, plaster and real sand. All-in-all, a most enjoyable job.




Behind the scenes

Work in progress of the plasticine sculpted camel

Caution, wet paint! Final version of the camel

Note the little Indian arrows in the canvas of our old-fashioned Wagon

Two plastacine sculpted Huskies, because two is more awesome than one!

A balsa wood sled & one cozy little Eskimo

Several boxes were created so we could ensure they fit the lighting of each scene

Sets were constructed in 3 to 4 parts so we could add depth to each scene

The Western Scene - as setup for the final photo shoot

The Snow Scene - as setup for the final photo shoot

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