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Curtin University

Curtin University

created for Jajo Graphics

A little more ochre yellow and it's perfect!

We were commissioned to produce a series of cartoon illustrations to be used for in-house training at Curtin University. Each cartoon depicted scenarios ranging from difficulties with fellow teachers and students, to problems with sexual misconduct.

The pastel colour palette reflects the universities branding. We even managed to pop the Curtin logo in the background of some scenes. See if you can spot it!


Scene 1 - Angie becomes highly distressed by the actions of a fellow teacher.

Scene 2 - Ann's staff find her inconsistent and difficult to deal with.

Scene 3 - Original sketch.

Scene 3 - Black & white test.

Scene 3 - A professor becomes a little too friendly with one of his students.

Scene 4 - A student develops an emotional attachment to his tutor.

Two bonus 1-panel cartoons about teacher responsibility.

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